Mobile Detailing Reviews

We take great pride in making our clients’ vehicles look brand new, so feedback like this is really rewarding:

“My 1968 Dodge Charger R/T was in serious need of a good cleaning and detailing as my vehicle had been in the shop for almost three months.  I checked a number of other local car detailing companies but found that none of them had the kind of positive customer feedback that Red Cap did.  After reading the customer reviews I decided to take a chance and made an appointment to have Red Cap do their magic on my collector car.  Jeff, Steve and another man arrived at my home promptly at 8:30 A.M.

I immediately knew my decision to have Red Cap come to my home and detail my 1968 Dodge Charger R/T was the right choice. They were timely and their immaculate “car spa on wheels” was was equipped with everything anyone could imagine needing to detail a vehicle.  Jeff and Steve were very pleasant and professional. I told them what I wanted them to do and they immediately went to work on my car.  After 2 1/2 hours they had my 48 year old Charger looking almost as good as the day it left the factory.

Awesome indeed!!

Without any doubt I would not hesitate to very highly recommend the detailing services that Red Cap offers.  This is a small company of professional knowledgeable dedicated guys who love cars and enjoy seeing the results of their efforts.

Thank you again Jeff and Steve for a job very well done.”


I had been reluctant to try Red Cap as there was damage to our car finish which I thought would be beyond their expertise.  I discussed it with Jeff, the owner, and he felt he might be able to get a lot of the damage out. (Scrapes, ‘keyed’ marks, etc.). Suffice to say, they did an amazing job and I’d like to add my name to their endorsement list.

Bo Tobin

Just a quick note to say that Jeff and Steve from Redcap concierge service did a wonderful job detailing our Saab at our house yesterday.  They performed the full-up service, inside and out, and the interior for starters has never looked better…  like new.  They are terrific to work with and we asked them to do my Audi next which they happily agreed to.

Jack Sparacino

Just another great job done by Red Cap.  Washed waxed inside and out,  did a terrific job.  We are very fortunate to have them on the island.

Deborah and Jim Beck

“Wow! Great detailing service.  Professional, courteous, and reasonable. These guys are top notch. Highly recommend Jeff and Steve.”

Barry Thompson

“Jeff did an amazing job! My car is just a 2013 but he made it look better than the day I bought it!!! Thank you so much and I definitely will be giving you a call again! Highly recommend!”

Danielle Kline

“[Redcap] just left here…they are better than advertised…super job and great price…..use them before word gets around….”

Barry and Eve Davidson

I know a lot has been said about how Redcap detailing of your car has been great. Well I want to add me on that list. Not only are they great but I am going to add them to my list: Hoppy’s list of vendors. That list is very hard to get on. I think they are a great service to Dataw.

Dennis Hopkins (Hoppy’s House Watch)

“What a great experience early this morning when two elves Jeff and Steve came wearing their red caps, smiles on their faces and professional attitudes. They both put Santa’s elves to shame with their quick service. My 2010 car looks like it should be back on the showroom floor. Oh yes, they do other services too! That’s what Redcap is all about – SERVICE. You will not be disappointed give yourself or gift someone with one of their services whether it be food shopping, power washing your driveway, detailing your car, personal shopper, clean your gutters, concierge and the list goes on. Please check out their website to see the full list of services offered. Your season will be brighter because they can help you throw the party and you can attend without any stress. I highly recommend them. In fact they will be back to clean my gutters.”

Jacqueline Jones

​”Red Cap braved the cold today and detailed Rosemary’s BMW. The result exemplified the hours of work they put in. Here is the real deal: the car looks so doggone good that it may be two years before Rosemary makes me buy another.”

Chuck Lurey

“I want to heartily endorse the car-detailing expertise of Jeff and Steve of Redcap! Because I wanted to support this new business, and because I spend my time detailing my antique cars (neglecting my daily driver Audi), I asked them to work their magic. They came yesterday and worked for hours on the car in the coldest day if the year! They have excellent equipment, worked non-stop, and the car hasn’t looked this good since I bought it. It doesn’t look 8 years old! If you are preparing to sell your car, or just enjoy a really clean car, you should give Redcap a call!”

Woody Rutter

“Jeff and Steve did a wonderful job on my car. They also power washed my house. They are available for many services.”

Sharron Kendall

“Yesterday Jeff and Steve detailed John’s car, and it looks fantastic. We highly recommend Redcap for car detailing, and check out all the many concierge services they offer.“

Betty and John Huntley

“I had Redcap detail my Tacoma truck. It now looks like it just came out of the showroom. Jeff [formerly] of Sweetgrass restaurant did the job.”

George Jacob

“Finally after 9 years of being disappointed with car detailing persons in the area I have found a company that does the job the way it should be done. There have been accolades on the web regarding Jeff and Steve and their Redcap Service. I had one car detailed yesterday….loved the job so much that I arranged for the second car to be detailed today. Treat yourself and your car to their expert hands and you won’t be disappointed.”

Pam Smith

“We had Redcap Beaufort detail our 12 year old Mercedes yesterday and today it looks like new. Professional, detailed and personable – we found the price very reasonable for the effort and amount of time these young men spent on our car. Highly recommend them if you are interested in having your car detailed.”


“I had Steve Akin detail my SLK last week. Steve is a ‘car guy’ and he did a terrific job. The car is 8 years old but it looks like it just came off the showroom floor . . . They even sent me photos since I was out of town.”

John Myers

“Let me tell you the detailing done yesterday was the very best I’ve ever had done, and I’ve had a few. Redcap…arrived at my home with state-of-the-art equipment, the likes of which I’ve never seen before. In approximately 2 hours my car, inside and out, looked like it just came out of the showroom. Great job .. thank you, thank you! Red Cap is a first class operation and I HIGHLY recommend them.”

Ed Hill

“Can’t go wrong with these guys. I have used the vehicle detail service they offer and couldn’t have been happier with the results. They made my 12 year old vehicle look BRAND NEW! Thanks Redcap!!!”

Chelsey Mills