We’re giving away a FREE Redcap Signature Detail

It’s a Spoooky Halloween Giveaway! One “Scary” dirty car will win a “Monster Makeover” this October. Here’s how it works:

1. Post a picture of your “Frighteningly” Filthy Car on our Facebook Page (we’ll move it to our “Monster Makeover” album within 24 hours).

2. Invite your Facebook Friends to visit our page, go to the “Monster Makeover” album and Like your photo to vote!

3. The voting ends at noon on October 31 when we announce the winner of our Halloween “Treat”: a FREE Redcap Signature Detail (AND a bag of Halloween Candy, although we do not recommend eating it in the newly detailed car).

We’ll post the “Ghastly” Before Pics and Amazing After Pics on our page for all to see.

Please share this Halloween “Treat” with your friends in and around Beaufort! You’ll feel like you have a brand new car when you win, and you’ll help spread the word about our new local business!

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